About Us

Snearkerheadz – About Us

What we are and what we do

The Sneakerheadz is a street fashion clothing brand that provides people a great amount of high-quality clothing and fashion styles. Our designs and clothes are 100% created by us. We do have partnerships with other clothing brands and does a collaboration for designs, however, we assure you all that our products and items came from us and our partnerships and that we provide high-quality items to our customers.

When we started

We have been here since the year 2011, starting as a small business specializing in garage sales. After a year, we decided that it was the time to improve our business and step up our game. From the year 2012 and up until now, we are still trying our best to meet everyone’s expectation of us.

How we started

Way back in the year 2011, the owners of the Sneakerheadz created our own garage sale in Milwaukee. Starting from a simple garage sale, we were able to take our business to the next level. Using our creativity and love for fashion, the Sneakerheadz tried to create our own designs and prints for clothes that we can also share with other people. In 2012, the start of Sneakerheadz brand has begun.

Where we are located

Our clothing brand started in Milwaukee so you will still find us there. However, we also expanded our store so we have new branches in different places. In Milwaukee, you may find three branches of Sneakerheadz while the others can be found in Michigan and Arizona. To see them, you may go to our location on this website. If it’s hard to find us, we ensure that we can also give services to customers online so you can find our online store.

The Sneakerheadz will make sure to continue this work and services for everyone.