Snearkerheadz – FAQs

Q. Hi! I’ve always wanted to buy from your website but I don’t really know how to start. Can you tell me how to purchase from your online store?

A. Hello, thank you so much for sending us a message and for thinking about buying from our store. If you would like to purchase, just create your account and go to the store. Pick the clothes you want, accessories or shoes then put them in your cart. If you are all set, go to your cart and click ‘purchase’ so you could go to the payments.

Q. Hello, do you have any other branches besides from those in Milwaukee? If yes, where or how can I find them?

A. Hi, thank you for sending us your questions. Yes, we do have other branches other than those in Milwaukee. If you are interested to know more about them or where you can find them, just go to the location section of the website and there you will find the information and addresses of other branches. We have a branch in Michigan and Arizona but to know the full address, go to the location section and see other branches too.

Q. What time are your opening hours in Michigan?

A. Hi, thank you for sending us your question! Our stores in Michigan are open just like the other branches every 9 am and closes by 10 pm.

Q. Hi, I just want to visit your shops personally but I have only one question. Do you have branches on malls or you have your own boutique in different places?

A. Hello, thank you for your message! We do have our own boutiques in different locations but we have partnerships with other malls as well. To see them, go to the location section of this website and read more about them.